Office@Hand for Google Chrome
Office@Hand for Google Chrome
by RingCentral

Office@Hand for Google seamlessly integrates Office@Hand with your Google account to create a powerful business communications hub.

Google Chrome Office@Hand Extension

Office@Hand for Google increases your productivity because you can handle everything without ever leaving Google. Make Office@Hand calls directly from Gmail™. Expand the capacity of Google Hangouts™ to 1,000 participants. Schedule online meetings and audio conferences, and they'll appear on your Google Calendar. You can even fax files from Google Drive™ and Google Docs™.

Detailed Description:

Key Features

  • Use with Google Chrome browser on any platform (Windows® or Mac®).
  • Make calls through the Office@Hand phone system from your Gmail account.
  • Click to dial any phone number displayed in Gmail and eliminate misdials.
  • Listen to your voicemails directly within Gmail.
  • Combine your Office@Hand and Google contacts in one easy-to-search screen.
  • Send or receive texts messages and see them as conversations.
  • Schedule Office@Hand Meetings® and conference calls directly within Google Calendar.
  • Invite as many as 1,000 audio participants to any Google Hangout.
  • View your complete communications history anytime - calls, texts, faxes, and voicemails.
  • Office@Hand for Google is available to all Office@Hand customers
  • You must have an active Google account
  • Windows® XP (or later) or Mac OS® X 10.8 Mountain Lion (or later) operating systems are required
  • Supported browsers include Chrome™ 30 (or later).
  • Chrome extension supports Chrome OS