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Marketo for AT&T Office@Hand
Marketo for AT&T Office@Hand
by RingCentral

Get instant updates on your Marketo smart campaigns while working in the team messaging app.

Notifications: Marketo app integration for AT&T Office@Hand

Marketo is a marketing automation system that helps users manage their leads, email marketing campaigns, and more! Marketo for AT&T Office@Hand will post a message to the team messaging conversation of your choice when a Marketo Smart Campaign webhook trigger occurs. Get notifications for triggers like a clicked link in an email or a filled out form.


Productive team collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with teammates with automatic post notifications to your team messaging conversation of choice every time a smart campaign trigger occurs.

Streamlined workflows

Receive post notifications from Marketo on all notifications and tag co-workers directly from within the team messaging app, consolidating your work environment into a single view.

Reduce email and app overload

Pull updates automatically into the team messaging app instead of receiving multiple notification emails from Marketo.

Original release date: 2017-08-22


  • Must have a AT&T Office@Hand account


Enable this integration in the conversation settings menu in the team messaging app