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Embed your Jira workflows directly into team messaging for a seamless task management experience.

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Jira Server Add-in

The new interactive Jira Add-in for AT&T Office@Hand will notify you whenever an update is made to your Jira ticket in the AT&T Office@Hand team messaging conversation of your choice. Stay on top of your work by seamlessly updating the ticket status, selecting due dates, and adding comments without leaving the AT&T Office@Hand app.

Note: This app stores your data in the US. The data may include authentication tokens, user accounts, and other information. Please contact support if you have any concerns.

What's new?

  1. Jira for AT&T Office@Hand is now GA!
  2. Now, multiple ticket updates are consolidated into a single view, reducing the messaging burden for everyone following the ticket


  1. Work smarter with easy access to key ticket information like summary, status, and priority.
  2. Add comments, view, and set ticket status and due dates with interactive cards.
  3. Receive real-time notifications to your RingCentral conversations whenever a Jira ticket is created or updated.
  4. Receive notifications in a direct, group, or team message.
  5. Take your work wherever you go, and receive Jira notifications on any device including desktop, mobile, or tablet.


Streamline workflows

The Jira Add-in reduces the need to switch between multiple applications to stay on top of tickets by bringing Jira directly into the AT&T Office@Hand app.

Productive team collaboration

With the Jira Add-in, you can receive notifications of Jira updates and tag co-workers directly from within the AT&T Office@Hand app, consolidating your work environment into a single view.

Reduce email and app overload

The Jira Add-in pulls updates into the team messaging app instead of receiving email notifications from Jira, which dramatically helps reduce the number of emails being sent and received.