Akazio for AT&T Office@Hand
Akazio for AT&T Office@Hand
by Akazio Inc

Automatically archive calls, voicemails, faxes & SMS to a secure cloud platform for easy review, compliance and e-discovery.

Akazio Journaling app integration for AT&T Office@Hand

Akazio Cloud Archive

Akazio Journaling app automatically uploads and archives AT&T Office@Hand messages and recordings to the Akazio Cloud Archive. Communications can then be reviewed in a modern web-based portal using the integrated compliance workflow, or securely kept in tamper-proof WORM storage to meet regulatory requirements.

AT&T Office@Hand Data

Setup the connection to AT&T Office@Hand yourself in the Akazio web portal, and archive all your AT&T Office@Hand data across all users. Administrators can decide whether to journal all communications from all users, or choose only a subset of either.

  • Phone call log and associated recordings
  • Voicemails and transcripts (if available)
  • SMS conversations (with attached images and files)
  • Faxes (including all attachments)

Powerful Search

Search over millions of documents in seconds with Akazio’s power search capabilities. Searchable properties include:

Phone Calls

  • The duration of call recordings or voicemails
  • The result of phone calls (answered, rejected, failed, …)
  • The direction of phone calls (inbound/outbound)
  • Whether the phone call / voicemail has a recording or transcript

All Communications

  • The users involved (by name, phone number, id or email)
  • The text contents of communications, or their attachments
  • The date the communications was sent
  • And much more...

Review in Browser

  • View all properties of the calls or messages via the Akazio web portal, or download the original file to review locally
  • Listen to call recordings or voicemail using the embedded player
  • Add notes to communications, assign them to users for further review, or author compliance policies to automatically categorize incoming files.

Record-Keeping all in one platform

  • Review AT&T Office@Hand files alongside other channels (like email, Slack or Microsoft Teams). Store and view all the various communication types in one unified archiving platform.
  • Follow communication threads as users transcend channels, taking their conversations from IM to phone to email.

Secure Archive

  • All communication data is strongly encrypted (both at-rest and in-transit), with access to the archive protected with the latest in cloud security.
  • The archive offers strict data residency guarantees; organizations can pick the geographical region that they need their data stored in, thereby reducing the concern surrounding the EU/US Data Privacy Shield and GDPR
  • Users can choose for their data to be stored long term in tamper-proof WORM storage.

Learn More

Discover further features and pricing tiers at https://www.akazio.com/connector-ringcentral.

  • Akazio license (or trial license)
  • AT&T Office@Hand subscription with the ability to install App Gallery apps (Standard, Premium or Ultimate)
  • AT&T Office@Hand admin account