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Nutshell for RingCentral
Nutshell for RingCentral
by Nutshell

Save time and delight your customers with Nutshell for RingCentral. Go from incoming call directly to the caller’s timeline with 1 click.


Nutshell App Integration for RingCentral

Nutshell for RingCentral saves you time. Focus on closing deals and keeping customers happy. Sales teams love being able to call leads with a single click. Account managers and support representatives can see what an incoming caller has purchased before even answering the phone. Use Nutshell with RingCentral to increase team productivity and to provide exceptional customer service.

Detailed Description:

Nutshell and RingCentral work together to save you time and keep all customer communication synchronized with your CRM.

  • Auto-search for incoming calls - When you receive an incoming RingCentral call, a new Nutshell tab will appear with the incoming phone number automatically populated in the search field. You're just one click away from seeing the caller's history with your company, including what they've purchased, support tickets, sales conversations, and more.
  • Click-To-Call - Call prospects and customers with a single click. Instead of spending time dialing dozens of phone numbers a day, Nutshell and RingCentral let you make outgoing calls with one click so you can spend more time closing deals.
  • Easy Setup - No installation needed. Configure Nutshell with your RingCentral credentials and you're ready to go. You'll have access to all of the great features in minutes.

Original release date: 2015-09-24


  • Nutshell for RingCentral is available to all RingCentral Office® customers