New Relic for RingCentral
New Relic for RingCentral
by RingCentral

Receive application performance alerts from New Relic in a conversation on team messaging.

New Relic App Integration with Glip

New Relic is a web and mobile application performance monitoring service. This integration will post to the team messaging conversation of your choice when an alert is triggered in New Relic. Track performance, monitor quality and stay updated without leaving your team messaging workspace.


Streamlined workflow

Receive post notifications from New Relic updates and tag co-workers directly from within the team messaging app, consolidating your work environment into a single view.

Productive team collaboration:

Reduce the need for users to switch between multiple devices while working in the team messaging app by getting your New Relic updates all in one place.

Reduce email and app overload

Pull updates into the team messaging app instead of receiving notification emails from New Relic

Original release date: 2017-04-07


  • Must have a RingCentral account
  • Enable this integration via the conversation settings menu.


Enable this integration via the conversation settings menu in the team messaging app