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RingCentral Meetings for Alexa for Business
by RingCentral

Start and manage meetings via voice commands with Amazon Alexa for Business.

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Alexa for Business App Integration for RingCentral

Together, RingCentral and Amazon deliver a simple and secure communications solution by blending voice commands to access vital business features on technology you use every day. RingCentral Meetings for Alexa for Business makes it easy to streamline how you start, join, and manage online meetings via any Alexa-enabled device.

Key Features:

  • Join a prescheduled RingCentral Meeting with a voice command
  • End a RingCentral Meeting with a voice command
  • Join the audio portion of a RingCentral Meeting via an Alexa-enabled device


 ► Hands-free, hassle-free meeting experience

Transform the way your teams collaborate via RingCentral Meetings. Use simple voice commands to start and end online meetings, eliminating the hassle of dialing into conference lines or manually entering complicated meeting ID numbers.

► Seamless integration with daily life

You talk to your Alexa-enabled devices every day to check the weather, play music, and now, to manage your business communications. Stay connected at home, your office, and any workspace in between.

► Secure voice access to communications

Amazon's intelligent voice recognition feature allows Alexa-enabled devices to authenticate your identity, ensuring secure access to your business communications features.

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Original release date: 2019-01-22


• Available for RingCentral Office customers in all tiers; not available for RingCentral Professional or Fax customers

• Requires a valid subscription to RingCentral Rooms

• Requires an Alexa-enabled device such as the Amazon Echo or the Amazon Echo dot in addition to the RingCentral Meetings Room required hardware

• Requires a subscription to Amazon Alexa for Business and an AWS account. Please contact Amazon Web Services for more info on Alexa for Business pricing

• Available for customers in the United States only. Additional countries will be supported as Amazon Alexa for Business expands to different regions

English language is supported. Additional languages will be supported as Amazon Alexa for Business expands to different regions


1. Configure RingCentral Rooms and Office 365

  * https://success.ringcentral.com/articles/RC_Knowledge_Article/8838

2. Alexa for Business - Link Office 365

  * https://docs.aws.amazon.com/a4b/latest/ag/office.html (PowerShell)

3. Alexa for Business - Add Echo Devices

  * https://docs.aws.amazon.com/a4b/latest/ag/getting-started.html

  * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrunIqAcpjg

4. Alexa for Business - Create Rooms

  * https://docs.aws.amazon.com/a4b/latest/ag/manage-rooms.html

5. Alexa for Business - Assign the RingCentral Meetings Skill to the Room or Skill Group