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Linc is the Complete Omnichannel Conversational AI Solution. Serve Your Customers on Any Preferred Channel in Any Use Case.

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Linc app integration for RingCentral

Linc provides high fidelity digital workers (intelligent automated assistants) that can resolve over 300 eCommerce use cases out-of-the-box, offloading over 85% of customer inquiries from the contact center. Additionally, Linc empowers organizations to manage complex pre-purchase, post-purchase and retention use cases throughout the entire customer journey. Linc's solutions provide 24/7/365 automated support across all conversational channels with seamless hand-off to both online and offline support agents in the contact center, at a store or in an advocate network when needed.

The key benefits of utilizing the Linc platform:

  1. Minimizing friction and long wait-times by resolving customer inquiries on-demand through automation.
  2. Reducing the amount of customer service inquiries by seamlessly supporting a wide range of service intents and questions, simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.
  3. Providing real-time assistance to customers’ critical buying questions on topics ranging from product information to promo use.
  4. Delivering seamless, branded post-purchase experiences that help drive additional revenue, reduce WISMO calls, increase loyalty and delight customers regardless of channel.
  5. Providing end-to-end customer experience support and operational efficiency from a single vendor.
  6. Extensive integration with leading eCommerce platforms, ESPs, shipping carriers and customer support platforms used by enterprise brands.