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Integrately for RingCentral
Integrately for RingCentral
by Integrately

Integrately helps you integrate your favorite apps with RingCentral in just 1 click with amazing ease.

Integrately app integration for RingCentral

Integrately is a 1 click automation software that enables you to connect RingCentral with your favorite apps with amazing ease. Using Integrately you can create simple one-to-one workflows or create complex workflows with just a few clicks.

You can choose from over 250k+ ready-to-use automations and set up your workflow in just a click, just select your apps, choose your workflow and activate it in a few minutes. 

Using Integrately you can -

  • Log new RingCentral calls to your CRM and marketing apps.
  • Send Slack messages whenever a call is received in RingCentral
  • Send SMS from RingCentral when new leads are added to your CRM & marketing apps.

...and many such flows in just 1 click.