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HubSpot Add-In for RingCentral
by RingCentral Labs

Make and receive calls with HubSpot Contact details directly in team messaging

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HubSpot Add-In for RingCentral app integration

The HubSpot Add-in for RingCentral allows users to take calls within the RingCentral app and see contact details directly in a team. It also allows you to find and share details of a company, contact, deal, and ticket with other team members in a team.

Key Features

While on a call with a contact, you can:

  1. Display contact's essential information from the inbound or outbound voice call
  2. Update the contact's lead status and life cycle stage in HubSpot
  3. Create a new contact in HubSpot if one does not exist already
  4. Block spam calls
  5. Log call notes, outcome, and type to HubSpot

While in a chat with colleagues in team messaging, you can:

  1. Search for a contact and display details from HubSpot
  2. Find and display company details from HubSpot
  3. Search for a deal from HubSpot and share with the team
  4. Display a ticket from HubSpot and share with the team


You must be an admin user in HubSpot to install the add-in into your company account.

Installation instructions

To make use of this add-in, an admin user in HubSpot must install the add-in into your company account on HubSpot. Instructions below are for installing the HubSpot Add-in into RingCentral App.

1 . Click "Install Bot" below the logo above if the bot is not installed.

2 . Then message the bot directly where HubSpot notifications will be delivered.

3 . Send the message "@bot_name help" to the bot to see a list of commands.

4 . You will need to authorize both RingCentral and HubSpot to work with this bot. Send the message "@bot_name login" to start the process.

5 . First authorizeRingCentral by clicking "Login RingCentral"

6 . Then, you need to authorize HubSpot by clicking "Login HubSpot". Make sure to pick the account you want to integrate this bot within HubSpot.

At this point, the HubSpot Add-in has been installed and setup. Next, start using the bot to search for companies, contacts, deals, tickets. As new calls are made/received, you will see the contacts information appear as a notification in the bot.

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