High Volume SMS App
High Volume SMS App
by RingCentral Labs

Quickly reach your customers using SMS at up to a 98% open rate and 7x engagement compared to email!

High Volume SMS Marketing App

Reach your customers on their mobile devices using SMS for appointment reminders, alerts, marketing promotions, and more. 

The High Volume SMS App allows you to send thousands of custom SMS messages to customers and opt-in lists using any RingCentral High Volume SMS enabled number.

With this app,  you can send to 1 or 10,000 recipients at a time with the ability to copy and paste numbers or upload a multi-column CSV for templated messages.

Before sending you will see the estimated number of messages and cost associated with your send (this app is free, the only cost is the actual cost of the SMS messages).

Upon sending your SMS, you’ll receive real-time updates in the app, along with a report that details the status of each message sent, or why it could not be delivered (ie sent message to a landline).

RingCentral Labs
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1. Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari)

2. RingCentral High Volume SMS enabled number


 1. Make sure your RingCentral number is High Volume SMS enabled (provision your number at https://ringcentral.github.io/releases/high-volume-sms-beta-signup.html))

 2. Navigate to the URL: https://ringcentral-a2p-sms.herokuapp.com/ login and start using the app.