HappyFox for RingCentral
HappyFox for RingCentral
by HappyFox Inc.

Bridge communication gaps with your customers by integrating your RingCentral phone directly into your HappyFox account.

HappyFox App Integration for RingCentral

HappyFox for RingCentral helps you bridge communication gaps and gets you closer to your customers. This unobtrusive and extremely user-friendly app allows your agents to do both inbound and outbound calls right from within HappyFox helpdesk. By avoiding the need to switch between multiple applications, this integration greatly improves your agent productivity.

Detailed Description

  • Automatically retrieve contextual customer information including the name of the customer, list of pending HappyFox tickets during an incoming call.
  • To make an outgoing call, just click on the phone number shown in a customer record or use the handy popover dialer.
  • Attach voice recordings to an existing ticket or raise a new ticket for every customer interaction.
  • Listen to the attached voice recordings directly from the HappyFox ticket.
  • Keep track of missed calls and voice messages sent during off-hours through tickets created automatically with the relevant voice-recordings.

Original release date: 2017-12-27


  • HappyFox for RingCentral is available for RingCentral Standard, Premium, and Ultimate customers.
  • Supported HappyFox plans - Fantastic, Enterprise & Enterprise Plus
  • Requires Windows XP or above, or Mac OS X Mountain Lion or above.
  • Supported browsers: Chrome 30 and above, Firefox 25 and above.

App Scope and Permissions

When authorized, this app will be granted the following permissions:

Read MessagesView message store data, including SMS, fax, voicemail, etc.
Read PresenceView user presence status
Read AccountsView user account information, e.g. name, business name, and contact info
VoIP CallingRegister VoIP-enabled devices, and make and receive VoIP calls
Read Call LogView user call log records
Read Call RecordingDownload call recording content and media
Webhook SubscriptionsManage and subscribe to webhook notifications