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Google Forms Add-in for RingCentral
by RingCentral Labs

Receive Google Forms responses at your team messaging solution

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Google Forms Add-in for RingCentral

This Google Forms Add-in for RingCentral is currently in beta.

Google Forms Add-in for RingCentral helps users stay on top of new Google Form responses without having to leave their RingCentral app work environment. Configure Google Form response to be delivered directly to your teams and projects.


  1. Receive real-time notifications for new Google Form responses.
  2. Receive notifications directly in a team or project you choose.
  3. Receive notifications on any or all devices you choose—computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.


Productive team collaboration

Do your work in one application. Google Forms Add-in for RingCentral reduces the need for users to switch between multiple applications while working in the RingCentral team messaging app.

Reduce email overload

Stop sending notifications to email. Google Forms Add-in for RingCentral improves the user experience by dramatically reducing the number of emails being sent and received.

Installation instructions


To make use of this add-in, one needs to have editor permission for the Google Forms file.


1 . Click "Install app" below the logo

2 . Choose a team which you want notifications delivered.

3 . Sign in with your google account in the setup window.

4 . Copy and paste your Google Forms file edit link in the "Set Forms" section.

5 . Click "Save" button to validate and save the form link

6 . Click "Finish" button in the setup window to finish the setup.

After that, you have connected the Google Forms file to the team that you choose. You will receive a message in the team once your form gets new response.

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