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Google Drive Bot for RingCentral
by RingCentral Labs

Be notified of new shared files and work as a team on Google Drive for RingCentral.

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Google Drive Bot for RingCentral app integration

This Google Drive Bot for RingCentral is currently in beta.

What I can do

  1. Subscribe to New Comment and New File Share notifications so that you can immediately receive them from within RingCentral App
  2. Manage subscriptions by setting up the push mode to Realtime, Daily or Weekly so that you can control notification traffic
  3. Automatically detect Google file links in RingCentral App conversations and make sure all team members have file access

How to install

  1. Click "Install Bot" below the logo above.
  2. Once I'm successfully installed, click "Add to a chat" to add me to a team you select or click on the "Add team members" button to add me to a team or message me directly.
  3. Connect to Google Drive by direct messaging "login" to me and then click "Sign in with Google".

At this point, I have been installed and setup. I will start to send you notifications when there's a new file shared with you. To explore more features, please have a look at available commands in below section.

We also have a quick guide video to take you through the features.

Talk to me

The way you can communicate with me is through commands. You can either direct message me with a command, OR post @Google Drive Bot command in a team. Here are the commands:

  1. login - Login with your Google Account
  2. logout - Logout your Google Account and clear all subscriptions created by it
  3. checkauth - Check team members on their Google Account login status and remind those who don’t have Google Account authorized
  4. sub - Create a new subscription for New Comment under this channel
  5. list - List all subscriptions for New Comment under this channel
  6. config - (Only works in Direct Message) Config user settings
  7. help - Prompt helper message

RingCentral Labs

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