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RingCentral App Assistant Chatbot
RingCentral App Assistant Chatbot
by RingCentral

RingCentral App Assistant Chatbot allows you to view/edit RingCentral app message data.

RingCentral App Chatbot

The RingCentral Assistant Chatbot allows you to view/edit RingCentral data via the RingCentral app.

The chatbot can perform tasks like:

  1. View your company information: billing and service plans, business hours, and more.
  2. View/edit personal information: personal information, working hours, services available, and more.
  3. View/edit your notification settings: voicemails, texts, and fax.
  4. View your presence information and edit your do not disturb and user status.
  5. View/edit your caller ID settings for the available features.


Automate workflows:

With the RingCentral app chatbot installed, users can automatically view and change important settings without having to flip into another tab.

Scale notifications:

Control the number of notifications received within the RingCentral app by prioritizing which are the most important and which can wait. 

Original release date: 2018-11-25


Must the RingCentral app


Just click the "Add to Glip" button and give the bot a name. We recommend "RC Assistant" as the bot name.