RingCentral App Assistant Chatbot
RingCentral App Assistant Chatbot
by RingCentral

RingCentral App Assistant Chatbot allows you to view/edit RingCentral data via Glip.

RingCentral App Chatbot

The RingCentral Assistant Chatbot allows you to view/edit RingCentral data via the RingCentral app.
The chatbot can perform tasks like:

  • View your company information: billing and service plans, business hours, and more.
  • View/edit personal information: personal information, working hours, services available, and more.
  • View/edit your notification settings: voicemails, texts, and fax.
  • View your presence information and edit your do not disturb and user status.
  • View/edit your caller ID settings for the available features.


Automate workflows:
With the RingCentral app chatbot installed, users can automatically view and change important settings without having to flip into another tab.

Scale notifications:
Control the amount of notifications received within the RingCentral app by prioritizing which are the most important and which can wait. 


Must the RingCentral app


Just click the "Add to Glip" button and give the bot a name. We recommend "RC Assistant" as the bot name.