Glip for Canvas
Glip for Canvas
by RingCentral, Inc.

Take control of your meetings without ever leaving your Canvas LMS!

Glip by RingCentral Canvas App Integration

Glip for Canvas makes it very easy to schedule and manage meetings in Canvas in a native way. Users can transform their Canvas application, whether they are teachers or students, into a powerful tool to coordinate their meetings.

Glip for Canvas enables teachers to:

  • Schedule a meeting with an auto-generated meeting password for added security.
  • Schedule a meeting as recurring
  • Start a meeting
  • Edit a single occurrence or all occurrences of a recurring meeting
  • Delete a scheduled meeting
  • View their upcoming meetings

Glip for Canvas enables students to:

  • View their upcoming meetings
  • Join a meeting


Hold virtual office hours at any time, any place.

Schedule meetings as recurring to set consistent office hour sessions. Require a meeting password for private one-on-one meetings.

Elevate your online study sessions

Students can access meetings directly from their Canvas account to view upcoming and previous class meetings and topics. Assign and manage your students in virtual study groups. Simply enable the join before host function to allow students to collaborate together on Glip meetings.

Streamline lesson management

Use the upcoming and previous meeting tabs to measure what lessons have been covered, and what lessons need attention. Get a 360 view of your virtual classroom’s interactions including the title, duration, and date/time of each meeting scheduled.

System requirements:

  • Glip for Canvas is available to Glip Pro and Glip Pro+ customers
  • Administrative permissions in Canvas for initial setup
  • Chrome 72 and above, Safari 12, Firefox 65 and above, Edge 2018, and IE 11.


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