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Floatbot AI Agent (IVA) - Contact Center AI
by Floatbot, Inc

Automate customer support, inbound and outbound calls with AI agents (IVA) deployed on voice and digital (chat, SMS/text) channels.

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Floatbot AI Agent (IVA) - Contact Center AI app integration

Floatbot provides a SaaS based, “no-code”, end-to-end "Generative AI" powered Conversational AI platform that helps enterprises to build Self-service Chatbots and Voicebots, and AI Agent Assist Bots [AI Coach for Contact Center Agents]. We have pre-built solutions for Insurance, Banking, Financial, Healthcare and Pharmacy including Contact Center Outsourcers.

AI Agent for Digital and Voice channels

1) AI Agent for Digital Channels (Chatbot or Textbot)

Deploy an omnichannel chatbot or textbot across all customer-facing digital channels and enable your customers to interact with you through their preferred channels – Text/SMS, website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, mobile app and more.

2) AI Agent or IVA or Voice Channels (Voicebot)

Floatbot provides contact center automation with a Generative AI powered SaaS-based Voice AI platform that helps you build and deploy AI-Powered Voicebots, run campaigns, detailed statistics without coding. Automate inbound and outbound calls with Voicebot. It supports 150+ languages.

Connect Engage Digital Messaging channels to Generative AI powered Conversational AI capability of Floatbot.

All incoming messages can be handled by Floatbot platform. For messages the virtual agent is able to connect to a specific RingCentral Engage Digital Agent.

Qualification of messages

Floatbot's AI qualifies all the incoming messages based on your chosen criteria.

Handover to Agent:

Contextual Handover: In case bot is unable to respond to customer query, the conversation will fall back to a RingCentral Engage Digital Agent, agent can see prior conversation and provide a seamless experience to customer.

Skill based Handover: The chat can be routed based on skills or conditions, the messages can be routed to a live RingCentral agent based on their skills or certain conditions.


Floatbot captures end-to-end customer and bot conversations and enable users to check user sessions/queries, messages, AI fallback rate and 50+ statistics.