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Create, plan and organize events directly from each team.

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Plan events and track attendance with team members

E.V.A.N.S., also known as Everyone Verify Attendance at our Next Social is an event organisation and management bot for RingCentral Team Messaging. Through E.V.A.N.S. you can plan and organise fun events with your Team directly from the RingCentral App.


  1. Plan and Organise events in the office or outside of the office such as dinner, lunch, sporting events and concerts directly from the RingCentral App.
  2. Remind the Participants with a Direct Message through configurable reminders.
  3. Keep track of all the participants through automated scheduled Check-in before the event.


  1. @Evans. create sports event: Helps the users create a sports event
  2. @Evans. create dinner event: Helps the users create a sports event
  3. @Evans. create lunch event: Helps the users create a sports event
  4. @Evans. create concert event: Helps the users create a sports event
  5. @Evans. help: Shows details about the bot
  6. @Evans. get details: Fetched details about an event created by the user

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