BETA: Engage Voice for Microsoft Dynamics 365
BETA: Engage Voice for Microsoft Dynamics 365
by RingCentral, Inc.

Drive customer engagement by integrating your RingCentral Engage Voice communication capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

BETA: Engage Voice for Microsoft Dynamics 365 app integration for RingCentral

Engage Voice for Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers Contact Center reps and agents to streamline daily business workflows with business-critical actions like click-to-call and customer information on incoming calls while providing a unified desktop. Enhance your Contact Center experience by increasing productivity with direct connection inside your CRM, and providing better, more personalized customer interactions.

Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service Hub & Sales Hub. 

  • Flexible voice connection: Agents can use RingCentral Extensions with supported RingCentral hard phone and softphone, and any phone number of their choice.

  • Customer information on incoming calls: Agents can open objects directly in Microsoft Dynamics when there is a match with an incoming customer call.

  • Click-to-call: Place outbound calls and allow for easy follow-ups right within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Call logging: Log all call notes directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365. All inbound and outbound call activities are tracked directly in the CRM application.

  • Call Disposition: Agents can select their call dispositions directly within the integration, synchronizing them with Engage Voice for future analytics and follow up.

  • Agent status reason codes: Agents can select their non-ready reason code directly within the widget.

  • Built in call control: Facilitate collaboration with robust call control allowing agents to transfer to a person (internal, phone book, or ad-hoc number) or to a queue. Internal transfer displays the real-time presence of the other agents to maximize efficiency.

  • Persistent Phone Connection: Agents can toggle their phone connection to be persistent or not, in order to get connected faster to customers on incoming calls.

  • Single sign-on (SSO): Leverage Single Sign-On (SSO) with RingCentral Credential for ease of use for simple agent login experience.

  • Analytics: Access CRM and call history data from the Analytics portal to see how you and your team stack up. 

  • Access from anywhere: Connect on both Windows® and Mac®, using any popular browser.

Beta Limitations:

Ideal Beta customers are using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer service hub, or sales team hub within Microsoft. 

  • Engage Voice for Microsoft Dynamics: BETA is available for RingCentral Engage Voice customers who also have RingCentral Office

  • Inbound calling only (with manual outbound dialing)

  • You must have Dynamics 365 (online) version 9.1 and higher versions

  • Requires Windows® XP or above or Mac OS® X 10.8 Mountain Lion or above.

  • Supported browsers include: Chrome™30 (or later), Firefox® 25 (or later), Safari® 6.0.5 - Safari is supported for Classic view only (or later), and Internet Explorer® 10 (or later).

  • Last updated: 10/30/2020