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Engage Digital Salesforce Connector
Engage Digital Salesforce Connector
by RingCentral, Inc.

A native integration to Salesforce to access all Engage Digital features within Salesforce

Engage Digital for Salesforce

Delight customers on all digital channels from within Salesforce.

A single platform to manage messages from all channels in the Salesforce ecosystem. Link customers' digital identities to enjoy a 360° view with both transactional & conversational data.

Respond to messages within Salesforce:

Connect all your digital channels (messaging, social, email, live-chat, in-app, communities, etc.) to a single platform available within Salesforce so your agent no longer needs to switch between windows.

Reconcile your customers' identities:

Link a Salesforce customer ID with its digital identities to enjoy a 360° customer view with both transactional and conversational information.

Display live statistics vital for your business:

Create statistics dashboards with live data directly from RingCentral Engage Digital to supervise your activity, improve your KPI, allocate resources and delight customers on all channels.

  • Omni-Digital customer care platform, RingCentral Engage Digital, connects digital channels (messaging, social, email, live-chat, in-app, communities, etc.), enabling you to offer the same experience across channels and better manage resources.
  • Profit from a unified interface to manage channels, auto-allocated messages to the right agent based on skills and language, contextualized suggestions for responses and supervisors can locate live stats to manage activity.
  • In the Engage Digital Salesforce App, customer identities are linked with transactional and conversational data. Agents can reply directly with a full view of profiles and chats. Plus custom live stats dashboards help you control your activity.

Original release date: 2020-01-15


  • Must be a RingCentral Engage customer
  • Must have a Salesforce account