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Engage Digital Instagram Connector
Engage Digital Instagram Connector
by RingCentral, Inc.

Native integration to answer to public comments on Instagram

Engage Digital for Instagram

Instagram DM operates like a fully-fledged messaging app, the only difference is that it lives inside of a larger app. Collect and respond to all Instagram shoutouts and gripes within a single interface that also houses Facebook, Twitter, and other digital channel interactions. Assign tasks to agents based on competencies or reply using suggested responses.

  • Multimedia Support: Add photos, videos, gifs, and audio recordings to your message to support customer with visual context.
  • Private Conversation: Redirect complaints or sensitive queries to a direct message to deal with customers personally and privately.
  • Augmented Reality: Utilize Instagram’s library of augmented reality effects like filters and stickers to facilitate a more informal conversation.
  • Brand Recognition: Strengthen brand loyalty and recognition with one-to-one customer communications

Manage your Instagram interactions through a single, omnichannel digital customer engagement platform with powerful AI-enabled routing and conversation assistance. RingCentral Engage Digital supports Instagram and gives you the ability to respond to all incoming messages through a unified dashboard that intelligently regroups and routes interactions to appropriate agents across all digital channels.

Original release date: 2020-01-16


Must be a RingCentral Engage customer.

Must have a valid Instagram account.