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Dubber on RingCentral
Dubber on RingCentral
by Dubber

Record, replay and reveal insights from all your crucial business conversations powered by Dubber & Voice Intelligence!

Dubber app integration for RingCentral

End not knowing with Dubber on RingCentral as a natural extension to RingCentral's Automatic Call Recording capability. Record, replay and reveal insights from your crucial conversation.

Proactively manage compliance risk, optimize revenue, improve customer and people intelligence by creating powerful insights, reporting and alerts from every conversation powered by Dubber and the Voice Intelligence Cloud. Dubber is now available on RingCentral MVP.

Dubber is the world's most scalable cloud-native Unified Call Recording and Voice Intelligence Cloud platform adopted as core network infrastructure by multiple global leading Solution and Service Providers. Dubber enables advanced recording functionality, beautiful transcriptions, deep sentiment analysis and Voice AI on the cloud. The platform can be accessed anywhere in the world without the need for CapEx costs on cumbersome hardware.


  1. RingCentral account with Automatic Call Recording (ACR) available
  2. No download required, Dubber is a cloud-native Unified Call Recording and Voice AI platform
  3. Existing Dubber account
  4. Account administrator privileges for the RingCentral account