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Cron Bot for RingCentral
by Tyler Liu

Stay on top of key tasks: schedule reminders for yourself or the teams you belong to.

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Cron Chatbot for the RingCentral App

Team Messaging Crontab Chatbot allows you to create cron jobs to send notifications to your RingCentral app team messages.

For example, you can create a cron job for your team which runs at 9:00 am from Monday to Friday to notify everyone that it's time for daily standup meeting:

Usage instructions

To converse with the bot to create a reminder, assuming the bot's name is "cronbot," use the command below to a reminder at 9:00am, Monday thru Friday:

@cronbot new 0 9 * * 1-5 Good morning everyone, it's time for daily standup meeting.

The syntax used is that of "cron" -- where the bot gets its name. Cron is a UNIX shell command for executing recurring tasks.

The syntax is as follows:

@<botname> <command> <minutes> <hours> <days> <months> <day of week> <message>


  1. new

Setting schedules

Tools exist to help you formulate the right syntax, but it works like this:

  1. minutes: the numerical minutes of the hour, 30=30 minutes from the top of the hour
  2. hours: the hours of the day in 24-hour notation. 0=12:00am, 1=1:00am, etc.
  3. days: the numerical day of the month, 0-31
  4. months: the numerical calendar month, 1-12
  5. day of week: 0=Sunday, 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, 3=Wednesday, 4=Thursday, 5=Friday, 6=Saturday


No requirements. You can use it as long as you are a RingCentral user.


Just click the "Install" button above and give the bot a name.