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Codimite Archiver  for RingCentral
Codimite Archiver for RingCentral
by Codimite Pvt LtD

You can now archive RingCentral Call recordings from the time you set up, to the cloud.


Codimite Archiver app integration for RingCentral

Codimite Archiver integrates with your preferred backup drive to easily backup your RingCentral recordings.

In Our Codimite Archiver,

  1. RingCentral Users can archive call recordings from the time that they are set up to the cloud.
  2. The daily archiving option is available for RingCentral call recordings.
  3. GDrive or OneDrive can be selected as the backup drive.
  4. The manual sync-up option enables users to archive their call recordings.