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The Calabrio ONE workforce optimization suite will help you maximize agent engagement, boost efficiency, and exceed customer expectations.

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Maximize agent engagement, boost efficiency, and exceed customer expectations.

Calabrio ONE is a tightly integrated—and easily scalable—suite of products powered by the cloud that captures every customer interaction across all channels, extracts insights, elevates the customer experience, improves employee engagement and increases operational efficiency. The contact center can share customer-centric strategies across the business to accelerate sales, drive innovation and move the business forward.

Calabrio ONE is the only fully integrated, true-cloud, enterprise-grade workforce performance suite that includes:

Quality Management: Strengthen relationships, deepen loyalty, and drive measurable impact across the business. Automate recording, evaluation, and reporting; so you can spend more time coaching and leading. Use audio and screen recordings within Calabrio Quality Management, Analytics, and Data Management applications. Calabrio Quality Management allows you to understand the complete agent and customer experience and provide more targeted coaching, no matter where your employees are working – all while helping ensure compliance and improving overall contact center performance.

Workforce Management: Calabrio workforce management is designed for the modern contact center and the modern workforce. Through employee empowerment tools, intelligent automation, customized reporting and global support, Calabrio’s WFM solution addresses the acute needs organizations face in today’s challenging environment, while helping navigate the evolving world of work going forward. Calabrio WFM is a highly agile and scalable workforce management platform that allows delivery of seamless experiences for customers, agents and contact center managers—no matter where employees are working.

AI-Fueled Analytics: Unlock the goldmine of intelligence buried in your contact center with sophisticated AI and ML-fueled speech, desktop and text analytics embedded throughout the Calabrio ONE suite. Illuminate compelling, AI-driven insights—and put them into action to enrich human interactions. Transform every customer interaction into usable data. Distill that data into key trends that impact customer experience, agent engagement, campaign effectiveness, and more. Extract insights to drive profitable change in the contact center and across your business.

Data Management: Calabrio Data Management connects data streams throughout the contact center and across the enterprise, creating a voice-of-the-customer (VoC) powered business intelligence platform to drive customer-centric decision-making. Automatically connect the full omnichannel VoC with data streams in any format from multiple systems and vendors—CRM, HRMS, ACD, IVR, and more. Eliminate the errors of manual efforts to improve data integrity and create a single source of truth to drive better decision making across the business. Get immediate value with pre-built data models and automated reports and dashboards. Go deeper with easy-to-learn ad hoc reporting tools. Create rich visualizations that transform complex data into meaningful, actionable insights. Easily share and collaborate on intuitive reports, graphs, and charts with key stakeholders across the business.