Bugsnag Add-in
Bugsnag Add-in
by RingCentral Labs

Receive notifications about activities from Bugsnag in team messaging.

Bugsnag app integration for RingCentral

This Bugsnag integration for RingCentral is currently in beta.

Bugsnag for RingCentral helps users stay on top of important errors, projects (including their releases), collaborators (including comments), and more without having to leave their RingCentral app work environment. Configure Bugsnag notifications to be delivered directly to your teams and projects. Team members can then respond by fixing, snoozing, and commenting directly within your teams and projects.


  1. Receive real-time notifications for errors, projects (new releases and spikes in errors), and collaborators (comments and error state changes).
  2. Receive notifications directly or choose to have them automatically posted to a team or project you select.
  3. Receive notifications on any or all devices you choose—computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  4. Respond to notifications by fixing, snoozing, and/or commenting on errors and projects directly within the team.


Productive team collaboration

Do your work in one application. Bugsnag for RingCentral reduces the need for users to switch between multiple applications while working in the RingCentral team messaging app. You can even respond to notifications by fixing, snoozing, and/or commenting on errors and projects directly from the RingCentral team messaging app.

Reduce email overload

Stop sending notifications to email. Bugsnag for RingCentral improves the user experience by dramatically reducing the number of emails being sent and received.

Keep better records

Keep track of projects, errors, and collaboration in your team messaging app workspace online as opposed to spreading it across multiple email message threads.

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