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SMS for Ecommerce
by RingCentral Labs

Add SMS order confirmations, fulfillment updates, and shipping notifications to supported e-commerce platforms.

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SMS for Ecommerce

Utilize RingCentral SMS to automatically send notifications to your SMS opted-in customers when an order is created, confirmed, or fulfilled (shipped with tracking number).

App utilizes e-commerce platform for SMS consent management, and supports HELP and STOP keyword requests (upon STOP request, customer record in platform will be updated and SMS will not be sent unless they request to opt back in).

Platforms supported:

  1. Shopify


  1. Shopify store with Shopify Admin API turned on and a generated API Access Token.
  2. Production RingCentral JWT (Token) Credentials (Read how)
  3. RingCentral SMS enabled Phone number

Application Details:

This app makes use of the Shopify Admin API to create two webhook events on behalf of the registering store. One called “orders/create” and one called “orders/fulfilled”. Upon successful registration of the Shopify store within the RingCentral app these events are created within the Shopify admin platform with the store’s admin API access key. The “orders/create” event gets triggered by the Shopify platform when a store has a new order created. The “orders/fulfilled” event gets triggered when a store order has been fulfilled (shipped out to the customer). 

The RingCentral app manages these events on behalf of the Shopify store.

When one of these two events occur the webhook sends a data payload from Shopify admin to the RingCentral app with all pertinent data about that particular event. Then the RingCentral app will check the information from that event payload. If the customer of the order has previously given consent to receive SMS communication, the RingCentral app will send the store’s customer an SMS confirmation message about that event. 

The SMS message for an “orders/create” event would contain this information:

Hi [Full Name], your [Store Name] order # [Order Number] has been confirmed. You can view your order details at [Shop URL]. Reply STOP to opt-out.

The SMS message for an “orders/fulfilled” event would contain this information:

Hi [Full Name], your [Store Name] order # [Order Number] has been fulfilled. You can view your order details at [Shop URL]. <if tracking information was provided> Track it at [Tracking URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.

This app also uses the RingCentral API to manage STOP requests from Shopify store customers on behalf of a Shopify Store. It creates a RingCentral webhook for each Shopify store that has a RingCentral SMS mobile capable phone number. The webhook listens for incoming SMS messages and responds particularly for SMS messages that contain STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT by itself in the message. 

When these incoming SMS messages occur the app makes use of the Shopify API to connect to the correct Shopify store to look for a customer with the same mobile number. If found the customer’s account record is checked to see if they have given consent for SMS communication. If found, the setting for their SMS consent is turned off. It then sends one final confirmation SMS message to the requesting mobile number (shop customer) telling them “You have been successfully unsubscribed.”

This same RingCentral webhook also listens for HELP, or INFO requests and responds with

Please call [registered mobile number of the Shopify store] for more information, or text STOP to stop these messages. Msg & Data rates may apply.

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