RingClone for BT Cloud Work
RingClone for BT Cloud Work
by Ring Clone, Inc.

A World Class Archiving and QA System for BT Cloud Work

RingClone for BT Cloud Phone

A World Class Archiving and QA System for BT Cloud Work

RingClone is an easy to use, all-in-one system combining quality assurance processing with data archiving and retrieval.

Fully Customizable

You determine how calls are categorized and routed. Set up custom, dynamic sub-folders for every user instantly. Or, organize all your calls by date, time, and status with just three clicks. An easy to use drag-and-drop interface gives you access to over 20 call attributes when setting up your configuration, giving you over 7 trillion different ways to set up your account. It's quick. And it's easy.

Set It And Forget It

After you set up your account, RingClone runs in the background. Redundant processes ensure that all calls are archived and channeled through your data routing configuration.

Search Through Your Entire Archive. Instantly.

Our state-of-the-art search engine tracks attributes for every call. This gives you a powerful search tool, allowing you to search through your entire archive instantly. Whether you have 100 calls, or 100 million calls, our search engine gives you access instantly.

Listen to Calls Directly Inside the Search Portal

Our search portal doubles as a bridge to your stored archives, giving you instant access to the content (voicemail, recorded calls, text messages). You never have to leave the portal.

Connect to Your existing Storage Account

RingClone connects to your Amazon S3 account, Google Drive account, or your Box.com account, allowing you to use your existing storage solution for archiving.

Legal Compliance

RingClone is an easy, inexpensive solution to maintain COX and legal compliance by permanently storing all communication data after it is cleared off of BT Cloud Work's servers.

RingClone includes support for:

  • Voice data (recorded calls and voicemails)
  • Voice logs
  • Multiple call legs
  • Complex recording and voicemail results
  • Fax activity and images (including all attachments)
  • Fax logs
  • SMS/Texting activity
  • Text conversations
  • SMS/Texting logs


Supported web browsers

1. Chrome (PC)

2. Chrome (Android)

3. Internet Explorer

4. Edge

5. Firefox

6. Opera

Supported devices:

1. Desktop PC’s (Windows)

2. Desktop PC’s (Apple)

3. Android devices

4. Apple devices

5. Windows devices

Mon - Fri8:00AM - 5:00PM(UTC-06:00)