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BT Cloud Work for NetSuite
BT Cloud Work for NetSuite
by British Telecommunications plc.

Enhance customer service, improve workflows, and increase help desk productivity at your organization with BT Cloud Work for NetSuite.

BT Cloud Work Integration for NetSuite

BT Cloud Work for NetSuite brings communication and collaboration directly into NetSuite by enabling your agents to deliver high quality interactions without ever leaving the application. With essential features like click to dial, inbound screen pop, and advanced call logging, agents can work more efficiently within NetSuite.


BT Cloud Work App: Now you can call using our BT Cloud Work unified app. No need to download the BT Cloud Work Phone App!


  1. Click-to-call: Place calls from within NetSuite or any Chrome browser tab by clicking on any phone number, saving time and improving call efficiency.
  2. Instant screen pop: Inbound and outbound calls trigger screen pops with a 360-degree view of the opposite party so agents can deliver highly personalized customer experiences with every call. View the information and activity related to the call and take notes and set next steps within BT Cloud Work.
  3. Advanced call logging
  4. Quickly search for an existing NetSuite record or create a new record while on an active call. Once the record is found or created, click to call out or view the record’s information, complete activity history, and available actions—all within BT Cloud Work.
  5. Assign your call as a new incident, user, phone log call, contact, task, or company.
  6. Capture every interaction within NetSuite with automatic call logging so you never miss an interaction.
  7. Real time analytics: Gain insights on every call. With comprehensive reports and dashboards, get a deeper view into your team’s performance.


Seamless integration with NetSuite

Connecting your BT Cloud Work solution with the business applications you use every day allows you to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow for added efficiency and ease of use.

Streamlined business communications

BT Cloud Work for NetSuite reduces the need for agents to switch between multiple devices and applications to access key business functionalities.

Exceptional customer experiences

Intuitive displays of key customer information allows agents to deliver a highly personalized customer experience with every incoming call. Eliminate misdials and speed up response times with easy access click-to-dial phone numbers from any NetSuite customer or account on your Chrome browser.


  1. BT Cloud Work for NetSuite is available for Connect and Collaborate customers.
  2. An active NetSuite account, running Windows XP or above or Mac OS X® Mountain Lion or above.
  3. Supported browsers: Chrome™ 30 and above, Firefox® 25 and above, Safari® 6.0.5 and above, or Internet Explorer® 11 and above.
  4. Compatibility: Jakarta, Quebec, Paris, & Orlando
  5. Supported by RingCentral, powered by Tenfold
  6. Latest Update: 09/13/2021