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BT Cloud Phone for Android for BT Cloud Work
by RingCentral Integration Team

Use this cloud phone to call, fax, text, conference, and hold online meetings from anywhere and on any device.

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BT Cloud Work Phone for Android app

Connect employees with one cloud-based phone and fax system, allowing them to work virtually anywhere, and simplify how customers reach your business.

Use BT Cloud Phone Mobile app to manage your phone system directly from your select smartphone and take your business calls, voice messages, internal texts, and faxes anywhere. Easily separate your business communications from your personal communications on the same device.

Detailed Description

Use BT Cloud Phone’s Mobile App to:

  1. Enable voice, fax on a single number
  2. Set-up and manage greetings and call handling preferences, right from your select smartphone
  3. Direct calls to any phone, mobile, office or home number
  4. Get visual voicemail for your business calls, separate from your personal messages
  5. View and forward faxes
  6. Display your business phone number as your Caller ID when making calls
  7. Transfer live calls between mobile and desk phones
  8. Make and receive calls over WiFi
  9. Make HD Video Conference calls with BT Cloud Phone Meetings; share your screen and files with others


  1. Requires an existing BT Cloud Phone account. Some mobile app features are available only with select BT Cloud Phone packs.
  2. Android Users: Requires Android 4.4 and up.