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Capture customer conversations, generative AI meeting notes, AI Coaching assistance, get actionable insights and increase revenue.

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These service providers are built on top of the RingCentral Platform. Apps that work for RingCentral also work for these service providers.

Charter Enterprise
Charter SMB
Frontier + RingCentral
RingCentral for Symphony
RingCentral mit 1&1 Connected Calls
RingCentral mit ecotel
RingCentral mit Telekom
Unify Office by RingCentral

Improve call outcomes with actionable insights

Avoma is a revenue intelligence platform for revenue teams. It's the power of collaborative note-taking, automatic recording and transcription, CRM integration, and conversation intelligence for sellers and their managers.

AI-powered technology helps customer-facing teams capture important customer information, before, during, and after important meetings. Shorten sales cycles and delight more customers. With Avoma, you can automatically record all your meetings, get full transcripts, summarized notes, and actionable insights synced directly to your CRM. Review calls and meetings faster by searching directly within transcripts and using identified topics to find exactly what you're looking for. Avoma is the only solution built equally for both customer-facing reps and leaders.

Hundreds of fast-growing companies like Athelas, BuildZoom, Orum, BoomCloud, OnFleet, Moengage, and LeanData, trust Avoma to power their customer-facing teams. Avoma is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information visit www.avoma.com

Benefits you can get with BT Cloud Work + Avoma integration:

  1. Focus on actively listening to calls not get distracted in taking notes
  2. Save time in note-taking with AI-generated notes and full transcription
  3. Improve call outcomes with actionable insights and trends across all calls

Key functionalities of Avoma:

  1. AI-Generated Notes & Transcription
  2. Topic & Speaker Identification
  3. Filler Words & Custom Keywords Tracking
  4. Talk time, Monologue, Engagement, etc. Insights across all calls
  5. Smart Playlists and more collaboration workflows
  6. CRM Sync, Email insights, Deal Risk Signals, CRM field updates, Forecasting, and advanced Revenue intelligence.


  1. No software installation is required.
  2. Requires an account with Avoma.
  3. Requires authorization by a user.


Simple authentication-based installation:  Read about how to Integrate your BT Cloud Work Account with Avoma


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