Baritrax360 for RingCentral
Baritrax360 for RingCentral
by Baritrax360

Bariatric specific patient tracking and medical record software

Baritrax360 App Integration with RingCentral

Baritrax360 includes several features that help practices run efficiently.

This includes:

  • Customizable workflow system that uses Business Process Management principles to track and move patients
  • Full scheduling for seminars and appointments along with automated telephone and text message reminders
  • Integrated Patient Portal that allows patients to register for seminars, appointments, and update medical information
  • Visit tracking with MBSAQIP information
  • Mail Merge System with integrated E-Fax

Original release date: 2016-08-30


  • Web based app

App Scope and Permissions

When authorized, this app will be granted the following permissions:

Read MessagesView message store data, including SMS, fax, voicemail, etc.
FaxesView, send and receive faxes
Read Call LogView user call log records
Edit MessagesView and update message store data, including SMS, fax, voicemail, etc.