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Avaya Cloud Office for SugarCRM
by RingCentral, Inc.

Enhance your SugarCRM experience with embedded cloud communications capabilities to create a more collaborative CRM experience.

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Avaya Cloud Office for SugarCRM

Avaya Cloud Office for SugarCRM provides a seamless integration with your Avaya Cloud Office solution and your SugarCRM organization. Improve the process of managing customer account information before, during, and after a finished call without having to switch between multiple applications. With all of your business communications in one place, you and your team can be more productive and work more efficiently.


Click-to-call: Place calls from within SugarCRM or any Chrome browser tab by clicking on any phone number, saving time and improving call efficiency.

Instant screen pop: Inbound and outbound calls trigger screen pops with a 360-degree view of the opposite party so you’re better equipped to have insightful conversations. View the information and activity related to the call and take notes and set tasks within Avaya Cloud Office.

Advanced call logging:

  • Quickly search for an existing SugarCRM record or create a new record while on an active call. Once the record is found or created, click to call out or view the record’s information, complete activity history, and available actions—all within the widget.
  • Assign your call as a new contact, lead, or account.
  • Capture every interaction within SugarCRM with automatic call logging so you never miss an interaction.

Real time analytics: Gain insights on every call. With comprehensive reports and dashboards, get a deeper view into your team’s performance.


Seamless integration with SugarCRM

Integrating your Avaya Cloud Office solution with everyday applications, such as SugarCRM, allows you to automate tedious tasks, make your workflows more efficient, and offer your customers a superior experience.

Streamlined business communications

Avaya Cloud Office for SugarCRM reduces the need for representatives to switch between multiple devices and applications to access key business functionalities to accomplish their daily tasks.

Exceptional customer experiences

Access to key customer information and call history allows agents to deliver timely and personalized customer experience.

Original release date: 2020-04-26


  • Available for Avaya Cloud Office Premium™ and Ultimate™ users
  • Must be a Windows, Linux, or Mac-based computer
  • Needs the Google Chrome browser, Tenfold Chrome extension and desktop app for Windows or Mac
  • Needs access granted to SugarCRM for Tenfold servers from the whitelist
  • Needs administrative access to the organization’s SugarCRM instance
  • Supported by Avaya Cloud Office, powered by Tenfold


Avaya Cloud Office for SugarCRM Setup Video