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Shadow OSN for Avaya Cloud Office
by Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)

Shadow OSN offers real-time location information to first respondents allowing them to quickly locate the individual that made the call.

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These service providers are built on top of the RingCentral Platform. Apps that work for RingCentral also work for these service providers.

Charter Enterprise
Charter SMB
Frontier + RingCentral
RingCentral for Symphony
RingCentral mit 1&1 Connected Calls
RingCentral mit ecotel
RingCentral mit Telekom
Unify Office by RingCentral

Shadow OSN App Integration for RingCentral

Shadow OSN Onsite Notification for Avaya Cloud Office offers real-time location information to first respondents allowing them to quickly locate the individual that made the call.

When we are in the workplace place we often take for granted a high level of safety and security. However, many organizations are ill-equipped to respond to a 911 emergency. Would you know where to direct emergency personnel if they showed up at your reception desk after a 911 call?

Valuable time is often lost in trying to locate the individual that placed an emergency call. Seconds can make the difference in saving lives or apprehending harassing callers. In the case of a network or system failure, Shadow OSN Onsite Notification offers another layer of emergency access.

Communication is the lifeline of every business. Heightened awareness of possible safety threats has created the need for emergency systems and procedures.

Most businesses would be unable to track down the extension that made an emergency call without a complete office search. This precious time could mean the difference between life and death.

Many educational institutions are vulnerable to students making prank telephone calls to emergency services. Often emergency response units are dispatched to false alarms. This results in countless hours of lost time and a diversion of resources from actual emergencies.

Using your Avaya Cloud Office Admin Account privileges you can connect Shadow OSN to your Avaya Cloud Office call data and get notifications in real-time.  

For more information about this and other RSI products for emergency notification, call accounting, call center reporting, CRM integration or Glip collaboration management contact RSI at [email protected] 


• Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera (*consult RSI for others)

• Avaya Cloud Office Admin Account access with permissions: Read Accounts, Read Messages, Read Presence, Webhook Subscriptions