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IVR Orchestrator for Avaya Cloud Office
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Bulk orchestration of IVR prompt media across multiple IVRs quickly and easily.

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IVR Orchestrator app integration for RingCentral

IVR Orchestrator Product Description

IVR Orchestrator provides bulk orchestration of IVR prompt media across multiple IVR’s in your RingCentral® account. The IVR prompt is the media that callers hear when calling an IVR before any key presses are performed. A summary of available features includes:

Feature Set

  1. Bulk orchestration of IVR prompt media across multiple IVR’s.
  2. Schedule and combine prompts to start/end on a specific date/time.
  3. Tag IVR names with custom values to group and filter by business-specific logic for easier bulk editing.
  4. Integration to your RingCentral® media library and IVR’s.
  5. Customizable role-based access and granular permissions control.
  6. Generate text-to-speech business hours prompts for IVR menus via a configurable sync process
  7. Set business hours for sites in bulk


  1. The max size of the IVR files can be 20 MB
  2. Allows only MP3 files to be uploaded
  3. The combined limit of the files is 20 MB
  4. 15 min delay to upload the new IVRs into IVR orchestrator 2.0 application


  1. Site-related features require RingCentral® account to be multisite
  2. The customizable sync process requires the customer endpoint to return data in the prescribed format
  3. The endpoint needs to be provided by the customer
  4. The IVRs and sites need to be created in RingCentral® account and it will not be created by IVR orchestrator 2.0 application
  5. The customer would need to set the correct time zone on the sites in MVP

Use cases:

  1. Scheduling IVR prompts to start and end at a particular time
  2. Example: A restaurant has deals going for a particular days/season. The customer can schedule the prompt about the specials ahead of time.
  3. Bulk updating of site business hours
  4. Example: If business hours are changed company-wide, admin can change hours for many locations at the same time
  5. Syncing site business hours with customer’s existing data (website)
  6. Example: A large customer with many locations has a method of updating hours and wants to sync their existing solution with RingCentral® account.

Out of Scope

  1. Feature requests and customizations will not be included.
  2. Personalized customer training can be purchased via SOW


Tier 1 support is provide by RingCentral Standard Support and sent internally to the PSi Team for Tier 2 support.

PSI support form to report the bug PSI support form

Logging In

Log in to IVR Orchestratorusing your Avaya Cloud Office® credentials at the following URL:


New accounts automatically receive a free 14-day trial period upon first login. After the trial period expires, you must contact your Account Executive or Sales Representative to purchase a subscription for your account.

Getting Started

To get started orchestrating your first IVR visit the docs.