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Track your search and digital marketing efforts and optimize the campaigns, keywords, and webpages driving customers to your website.

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DialogTech for Avaya Cloud Office

Only Call Tracking Solution for Avaya Cloud Office

DialogTech is the leader in call tracking and analytics for marketers and provides the only solution that works with Avaya Cloud Office phone numbers. Your marketing team gets all the data and benefits of DialogTech’s call tracking using Avaya Cloud Office’s telephony and routing -- it’s the best of both worlds. No other call tracking solution can do this.

Track and Optimize How Your Marketing Drives Calls

Inbound phone calls are often the most valuable marketing conversions, but they are also the most difficult for marketers to attribute and optimize. DialogTech’s integration with Avaya Cloud Office solves this challenge by attributing each call made to your Avaya Cloud Office phone numbers back to the marketing interaction (channel, campaign, search keyword, webpage) that drove it.

That data is available in DialogTech reports and activated in your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts, making it easy for marketers to act upon. With the DialogTech for Avaya Cloud Office app, your marketing team can see what’s driving the most calls and optimize ad spend, messaging, and strategy to acquire more customers at a lower cost per lead.

Data Captured for Every Call

  1. Caller ID & Information: Capture the caller’s phone number and geographic location, the day and time of the call, their device, a location called, and more.
  2. Website Interaction: See each caller's activity on your website, including their entry page and the page they called from.
  3. Marketing Attribution: Capture the marketing channel, campaign, ad, keyword search, and other marketing sources that drove each website visit and call.
  4. Call Duration: See how long calls last to understand what marketing sources drive longer conversations and better leads.

Key Features

  1. Out-of-the-box integration with Avaya Cloud Office
  2. Call tracking DNI (dynamic number insertion) technology for your website that works with your Avaya Cloud Office numbers
  3. Integration of call tracking data in your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts
  4. Works for calls from your website driven by paid search, SEO, display, Facebook and social ads, email, affiliate marketing, and any other marketing source


  1. Add call conversions to your marketing metrics to get a holistic view of customer behavior and marketing performance
  2. Accurately measure marketing ROI and prove your marketing’s impact on customer acquisition
  3. Make smarter marketing optimizations to drive more leads and customers at a lower CPL
  4. Get all the data and marketing benefits of call tracking using your Avaya Cloud Office telephony -- no new telephony needed -- so no disruptions to your infrastructure and no administrative issues with managing new telephony

Learn More

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  2. [eBook] The Call Tracking Handbook for Avaya Cloud Office Customers

To get started tracking calls from your marketing, visit the DialogTech website to request the app.

Original release date: 2020-05-24


  1. No software installation is required.
  2. Requires Avaya Cloud Office Premium or higher.
  3. Requires a DialogTech account.
  4. Requires authorization by a Avaya Cloud Office user with administrative permissions.


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