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Freshdesk CTI for Avaya Cloud Office
Freshdesk CTI for Avaya Cloud Office
by Certified by Loyally

The Freshdesk CTI gives you full control over your Avaya Cloud Office telephony from inside your Freshdesk environment.

Loyally Freshdesk Call Control for Avaya Cloud Office

Our Avaya Cloud Office x Freshdesk integration works like an all-in-one solutions. Forget your phone and pick up and call your clients within the Freshdesk environment. We cannot make it easier than this as we make integrations look easy.

With the call control application of Freshdesk for Avaya Cloud Office you can handle all your calls from within Freshdesk and you no longer have to search for a contact or create a ticket manually. The call control application will do this for you automatically for all inbound and outbound calls so you can focus on helping the customer instantly and help them faster.

This will improve the customer's experience; help you be more efficient and handle more calls on a daily basis

The key features are:

• Full Avaya Cloud Office call control

• Automatic ticket creation

• Automatic customer search

• Pushing a ticket to your colleagues Freshdesk when forwarding a call

• Save call data to your ticket

Get started right away and experience how valuable this integration can be for you!

Send your name + email address to info@loyally.eu and we'll keep you posted about the new premium Avaya Cloud Office Freshdesk app.

Original release date: 2019-05-20


  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

  • Windows 7 or above


Please contact us on our support address to install the Avaya Cloud Office Call Control application or to schedule a personal demo.


Mon - Fri 8:30AM - 5:00PM (UTC+02:00)