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FileMaker Connect for Avaya Cloud Office
FileMaker Connect for Avaya Cloud Office
by Automation USA

FileMaker Connector (RC2FM) seamlessly integrates Avaya Cloud Office with any FileMaker Pro, Go, and WebDirect custom app.

Avaya Cloud Office to FileMaker Connector (RC2FM)

Easily infuse any FileMaker Pro, Go, and Web Direct custom app with the power of Avaya Cloud Office. RC2FM Connector enables bolt-on FileMaker Cloud Telephony Integration (CTI), with features like single-click/tap dialing, two-way SMS, two-way digital faxing, call logging, and the ability to download and store voicemails, faxes, and call recordings within FileMaker containers.

Detailed Description:

RC2FM Connector is a 100% Cloud-native back-end service allowing Avaya Cloud Office users to manage all call-related activities within FileMaker with great features such as:

Mobility Support

Support for FileMaker Go (13 and up) on any FileMaker supported iOS device with or without a FileMaker Server connection and with or without built-in calling capabilities. Custom FileMaker applications may reside locally on the iOS device or hosted on a remote server.

Automation & Integration

  1. Click/Tap to dial any phone number stored in FileMaker. Send outbound calls to your cell phone, personal phone, or Avaya Cloud Office extension.
  2. Send/receive SMS to/from any contact record stored in FileMaker.
  3. Send/receive Faxes directly from FileMaker containers or from your device's file system.
  4. Download call log and message log history and store as FileMaker records.
  5. Download voicemails and store as MP3's in FileMaker containers.
  6. Download call recordings and store them as MP3's in FileMaker containers.
  7. Download sent/received Faxes and store as PDFs in FileMaker containers.
  8. Change the “Unread” status of SMS, voicemails, and fax messages in your Avaya Cloud Office extension.
  9. Trigger Screen Pop scripts in your FileMaker custom app upon incoming calls (Pro/Pro Advanced only).*

*Requires the Avaya Cloud Office Desktop app.

Ease of use

Configuration is as easy as importing scripts, tables, and layout objects into any FileMaker custom app. RC2FM Connector provides the connectivity, FileMaker developers customize the UI. Get started right away by using the supplied jump starter template, or completely customize the user interface to achieve the desired look and feel.


RC2FM Connector is deployed on secured AWS instances, and all communication between FileMaker custom apps and RC2FM is also encrypted via SSL.


Deployed across multiple regions using latency based DNS to provide a responsive and highly available class of service.


Hosted on auto-scaling and load-balanced servers designed to handle traffic spikes.

Original release date: 2020-01-09


  1. Avaya Cloud Office Essentials, Standard, Premium, Ultimate or Enterprise Edition
  2. FileMaker Pro, Go, WebDirect versions 16+ (iOS, Windows, Mac)
  3. Internet Explorer 11+ (Windows 8+)
  4. Firefox 70+ (Windows, Mac)
  5. Chrome 60+ (Windows, Mac)
  6. Safari 11+ (Mac)


Mon - Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM (UTC-05:00)