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Avaya Cloud Office for Slack
Avaya Cloud Office for Slack
by RingCentral

Enhance your productivity and team collaboration by enabling users to instantly start a Avaya Cloud Office meeting or conference call.

Avaya Cloud Office for Slack

Avaya Cloud Office for Slack provides teams with the tools to enhance productivity and drive collaboration on the fly within Slack. Communicate and collaborate quickly with teammates by starting a meeting directly from Slack's text box. Quickly connect with a colleague by making a call using Avaya Cloud Office from the native call icon. Leverage Slack commands and drive productivity across all functions.

Key Features:

Slash-command: Start a video meeting or an audio conference call with simple commands. (i.e. /RingCentral [call, meet, help].

Call icon:

  • Initiate a meeting with a click of a button
  • Make a phone call using Avaya Cloud Office


Seamless integration with Slack

Connecting Slack with the business applications you use every day allows you to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow for added efficiency and ease of use.

Productive team collaboration

Avaya Cloud Office for Slack enables your teams to instantly evolve their team conversations as needed, keeping projects moving forward in a productive way.

Streamlined business communications

Avaya Cloud Office for Slack reduces the need for users to switch between applications while collaborating within teams.

Learn more:

Avaya Cloud Office for Slack Overview

Avaya Cloud Office for Slack Installation

Original release date: 2020-03-30


  • Avaya Cloud Office for Slack is available to all Avaya Cloud Office® customers
  • You must have an active Slack account
  • You must have Avaya Cloud Office meetings installed
  • Updated: 3/30/20