Avaya Cloud Office for HubSpot
Avaya Cloud Office for HubSpot
by RingCentral Labs

Empower your HubSpot system with Avaya Cloud Office communications capabilities and create a more collaborative CRM experience.

Avaya Cloud Office for HubSpot

Let Avaya Cloud Office for HubSpot enhance your CRM experience by automating workflows, increasing call efficiency and improving the quality of customer interactions.

This integration is a Google Chrome extension.

This integration is a community project using the Avaya Cloud Office Embeddable widget, not an officially supported product, however, community support is available.

Key features

  • Click-to-Call / SMS / Schedule Meeting: Place calls, texts and schedule meetings from within HubSpot using a hover-to-show tooltip to show click-to-call button on any phone number, saving time and improving call efficiency.

  • Instant screen pop-up: Incoming and outgoing calls trigger screen pops with 360° view of the caller enabling quality interactions.

  • Contacts sync: Sync HubSpot contacts to RingCentral widget for easy direct dialing.

  • Contacts activities access: view contact activities from within the widget.

  • Call/SMS log sync: Sync Avaya Cloud Office call/SMS log and call recording to HubSpot contacts and deals automatically or manually so agents efficiently log call details.

  • Easy Access: Connect on both Windows® and Mac®, using Google Chrome/Firefox.

  • Active call control: Control active calls in other devices.

  • RingCentral Video: Click to open Avaya Cloud Office Video, sync Avaya Cloud Office Video to HubSpot

User Guide

Avaya Cloud Office for HubSpot User Guide


1. Go to https://github.com/ringcentral/hubspot-embeddable-ringcentral-phone/releases to download and extract the following zip file hubspot-embeddable-ringcentral-phone-x.x.x.zip .

2. For Chrome, go to Chrome extensions page available under the "More Tools" > "Extensions" menu, open developer mode using the toggle in the upper right corner of the pag, load dist as unpacked package by clicking the "Load Unpacked" button and selecting the correct folder.

3. For Firefox extension, choose Addon -> Enable add-on debugging -> Load Temporary Add-on -> Choose dist-firefox/menifest.json

4. Go to https://app.hubspot.com to verify.

RingCentral Labs

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Google Chrome/Firefox browser latest version.