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Asana Bot by for Avaya Cloud Office
Asana Bot by for Avaya Cloud Office

Asana BOT, your Virtual Assistant to help you create and manage your tasks, including inviting users and managing the projects.

Asana Bot by for Avaya Cloud Office

This bot lets users manage projects and track their work and results by creating, updating, assigning, and commenting on tasks, and getting updates and alerts – with the power of chatbots, the simplicity of natural language, and the convenience of speech and text – all right within Avaya Cloud Office.

To get started, you will need:

  1. An account with Asana.
  2. Your user credentials.

To add the bot within Avaya Cloud Office, simply select “New Conversation” and enter the name of the bot, or search for the bot in “People” to add to an existing message thread. Once the bot is added, the bot will present you with a greeting. Prior to performing your first command, you will be asked to authenticate with the two items listed above. Once connected, message “help me” or “what can you do,” and the bot will provide you a list of tasks it can perform for you.

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*Asana logo and trademark are owned by Asana, Inc.

Key Features:

  • Self-serve with natural language ease to brainstorm, prioritize, and implement ideas across teams, track inspiring links, ideas, or attachments, add updates, move a project forward, and more.
  • Gain multi-channel convenience by completing tasks in one channel such as the desktop app or start in one and finish in another, such as mobile.
  • Get instant visibility into ideas, projects, details, and deadlines.
  • Follow up instantly using actionable, simple response options.

Original release date: 2020-03-31