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Auto Reply SMS Add-in
by RingCentral Labs

Customize and send automatic text message replies to missed calls, voicemails, or inbound SMS.

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Send Auto Replies via SMS

Ever wanted to automatically respond to SMS text messages, missed calls, or voicemails? Now you can with the Auto Reply SMS Add-in! This bot sends automatic text message replies that say exactly what you want them to say. It runs in the background so you don't need to have the RingCentral App open to send these automatic responses. With the add-in, you can create the replies you want to send for each event. You can even set auto replies for multiple RingCentral numbers that you own.

What Can I Send Auto Replies For?

Respond with a text when you miss a call

If you are stuck on another call or away from your phone, you may miss a call. With the missed call auto reply, you can automatically send an SMS text message to the person who tries to call you.

Respond with a text when a caller leaves a voicemail

If a caller leaves a voicemail, you can let that caller know via SMS text message that you received that voicemail and will get back to them soon. This notifies the caller, so the caller knows the voicemail was received and you will attend to it as soon as possible.

Receive a text message and auto respond

Have customers ever messaged you outside of normal business hours? You can instantly and automatically reply to your customers with a customized text message so they know you're away and can expect a response the next business day.

Respond to a specific word with a custom text message

For some keywords or phrases like "help", you can create a custom response with your business hours and availability so the messenger knows when to expect a response back. Up to six keywords or phrases can be defined, each with their own custom text message.

Installation instructions

To start using the Auto Reply SMS Add-in, install the bot to your organization and send a direct message to the bot. The complete instructions are here: Installation Instructions

Talk to me

The way you can communicate with me is through commands. You can direct message me with a command. Here are a list of commands I respond to:

  1. help - How to use this bot
  2. login, logout - Get a login or logout card
  3. setting, settings, rule, rules - Set auto-reply rules
  4. feedback, contact us - Tell us what you think
  5. clean up - Delete messages and cards to clean up space. Each time the bot will delete up to 250 max items from your direct message with the bot

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