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Asana Add-in for RingCentral
by RingCentral Labs

Be notified of new tasks, new comments and task dues on Asana for RingCentral.

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Track tasks with the Asana Add-in

This Asana Add-in for RingCentral is currently in beta.

What I can do

  1. Subscribe to New Task and New Comment notifications so that you can immediately receive them from within RingCentral App
  2. Remind you with Task Due before a set number of days

How to install

  1. Click "Install Bot" below the logo above.
  2. Connect to Asana by direct messaging "login" to me and then click "Sign in".

Talk to me

The way you can communicate with me is through commands. You can direct message me with a command. Here are the commands:

  1. login - Login with your Asana Account
  2. logout - Logout your Asana Account and clear all subscriptions created by it
  3. config - View and Modify config settings
  4. help - Prompt helper message

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