Anti-scam Shield for RingCentral
Anti-scam Shield for RingCentral
by Reverd

Real-time incoming phone calls verification and automatic scam blocking for RingCentral business cloud phone system

Anti-scam Shield RC app integration for RingCentral

Anti-scam shield add-on protects your business phone system from scam calls by eliminating unwanted harassing phone calls from reported blacklisted phone numbers. Thus, reducing stress, interruptions and increasing productivity.


Key Features:

  1. Low latency instant interception of reported harassing phone calls.
  2. Users can report new scam numbers directly from their phone by pressing 9999 right after the scam call is terminated.
  3. Once a newly reported number is included in the community complaints database it will be automatically blocked next time, they try to call you.
  4. Company’s Admin can choose to review reported scam numbers before  forwarding to


  • Reduce stress, interruptions and anger.
  • Stay focused on what you are doing.
  • Increase productivity.


  • No sensitive information required.
  • No payment details stored on our server.
  • No automatic top-up.

Original release date: 2020-10-12


  • Computer
  • RingCentral phone system
  • Internet access
  • Web browser


Enable this integration via the RingCentral your account Admin panel:

  1. Login to your RingCentral Admin panel

  2. Click "Integrations"

  3. Select "Anti-scam Shield RC"

  4. Click the "Get it now" button

  5. Confirm RingCentral account

  6. Authorize access to allow RingCentral and Anti-scam shield RC ( to work together

  7. Register / open an account with

  8. Once logged in to your Reverd account click “services”

  9. Select one of the two options for forwarding the reported scam numbers to Reverd

    • Report new scam directly to - (default)
    • Report new scam trough your company IT security department

Done. You're all set and ready to go.



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