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RingCentral for Amazon Connect
by RingCentral

Brings world-class collaboration to Amazon Connect and drive productivity with your call center agents.

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Amazon Connect App Integration for RingCentral

Drive productivity with your call center agents by using RingCentral to collaborate with experts across your organization. Seamlessly connect with an expert through initiating a call, conference, or transfer at the click of a button. 

Key features include: 

Browse corporate directory

View presence of experts

Call an expert

Transfer customer call to an expert

Initiate a conference with an expert


Increased productivity: Call center agents can better focus on customer satisfaction—and resolve cases more quickly—by accessing collaboration tools to communicate across your organization and verticals. 

Exceptional customer satisfaction: Resolve issues more efficiently by putting customers in touch with the right subject matter expert across your organization. Presence and corporate directory search functionality allow agents to quickly find available experts. 

Seamless integration: The technology behind RingCentral for Amazon Connect leverages Single Sign On and a light and intuitive search bar for the support agent to easily reach out to the rest of your organization.

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Original release date: 2018-08-17


RingCentral for Amazon Connect is available for all RingCentral Office customers in current supported regions.

You must have an Amazon Connect account

Supported browsers include latest versions of: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ESR, Mozilla Firefox

Currently supported in North America regions