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911inform LDS for RingCentral
911inform LDS for RingCentral
by 911inform

Allow users to identify and update dispatchable locations delivering RAY BAUM's Act compliance with just a tap of a button!

911inform Location Discovery Solution app integration for RingCentral

From remote workers to switching offices being able to adapt to a mobile world is critical. These individual devices are no longer easy to map the location tied to that phone thus causing a great potential risk for your local 911 dispatch center and your employee. When a call is placed from a worker's home, but that phone is logged in with the main office address, dispatch will send emergency services to the wrong address wasting critical time. With 911inform LDS, we have created a solution to this problem allowing users to identify and update their physical dispatchable location, delivering RAY BAUM's Act compliance with just a tap on their smart device or a click on their laptop.

Utilizing smartphones and other devices as "helper beacons" with the location services already embedded within them, the user is presented with a link through text message or email that extracts the location from the device and updates the solution location databases. 911inform LDS can determine their location with where we think the IP phone has moved. If the location pin on a floor plan or map is accurate the user can confirm the location and other information instantly updating the internal database.

With 911inform LDS you can:

  • Location discovery service for tracking devices

  • Internal to an organization, tracks the device to specific location on facility floor plan

  • External to an organization, tracks the device to a validated address

  • Provides emergency call routing information for the proper ECC for 911 calls

  • Provides call routing destination information for other non-emergency calls

  • Onsite notification of emergency calls outlined on detailed floor plans: Notifications sent via text, email, or desktop notifications & can be classified by user

The configuration process is taken care of for you! Our implementation team maps the current locations of each phone device creating a database of devices and locations. This pairs users to specific devices. The only additional information needed from the client is current floor plans of your location(s) and employee contact information which includes cell phone and IP phone extensions.

ABOUT 911INFORM - 911inform is the only all-encompassing emergency system that empowers first responders. It is not a replacement for your existing 911 system but an expansion of that system to take advantage of the technology you currently have. You have total control of all emergency situations with access to the location of a call’s origin, detailed maps of the premises, real-time communication with on-site personnel, and remote control of a building’s security systems (i.e., doors, strobes, intercoms, and cameras). For more info visit our website.

Original release date: 2018-07-11


Internet Access

Google Chrome

911inform Account

App Scope and Permissions

When authorized, this app will be granted the following permissions:

Call ControlControl and manage phone calls in real-time
Read PresenceView user presence status
Read AccountsView user account information, e.g. name, business name, and contact info
Webhook SubscriptionsManage and subscribe to webhook notifications