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Bill Richards
May 25, 2016
Gabriel Creek
May 25, 2016
Works ok, but it rings when I'm logged out. I don't want to be receiving calls when I'm not at work.
Adriano De Oliveira
May 20, 2016
CEO Excelent tool for any business.
Hardeep Singh
May 19, 2016
Cool!! It's good but you can't mute it the way you can mute an android call. I HAVE to put on my phone on silent mode.
John C. Helweg
May 17, 2016
Nice service I would like to be able to select a separate notification for the app. I like what this app allows us to do with our business phone. Only issue I have is when I'm on a call through the RC app and my mobile rings, it doesn't beep like a typical call, it actually rings like I'm not on the ph and the customer can hear it. Kind of unprofessional and annoying.
Laurita Kelly-Aguebor
May 16, 2016
Fax On The Go!!! I love that I can fax from my cell phone instead of running to my laptop or desktop. It awesomely convenient.
MsDeryl Taylor
May 14, 2016
I have been using RingCentral fax for years. I can't do without it!
May 11, 2016
Yes Happy
Eric LaMay
May 03, 2016
Awesome Absolutely love this app. Puts me in control of my phone system anywhere I am. Weather in my office or around the globe
Jeremy Purcell
Apr 29, 2016
Good, but need to change the notification sound Please allow users to change the notification sound for text messages
Mike Cruz
Apr 27, 2016
Social Worker Great tool for any on the go professional. Versatile and dependable.
Maureen Zanoni
Apr 26, 2016
Book Smart Tutors
Apr 23, 2016
Everything seems fine Good. It fixed the crashes and slowness
Administrator in Recreational Facilities and Services
Apr 21, 2016
Review for RingCentral What do you like best? Customization for each user that the user can set up themselves. Call logs, call recording, multiple ways to handle calls What do you dislike? Not always as intuitive as it should be. For example, setting up a new user with a new phone is not intuitive. They are multiple ways you think would be right, but only one is right and won't charge you more. What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized? We wanted to be able to track and record calls, along with having a more reliable phone system. Our agents can take calls on their mobile using the app, on their computers, or on their phones. The texting feature has been wonderful also.
Glen Malone II
Apr 19, 2016
Great App for your mobile business and office
Eric Mugler
Apr 18, 2016
Recent update fixed the slowness and crashes Great app. Just wish the contact names would show in the windowshade notifications on my phone. Have to open the app to see the caller/texter's name.
yosef duvid l
Apr 13, 2016
Had problem but fixed Used to crash, but since they updated it, the issue is solved.
GMT Dev Canada
Apr 11, 2016
Loses a star for massive battery drain even when phone hasn't been used. Ringcentral app is No2 only after the screen for battery drain. Please fix. Other than that the Android app, Windows app and Rincentral system is working well.
John Mills
Apr 06, 2016
PanaEpos Made are comms easy with direct numbers and hunt groups
Barry Hudson
Apr 06, 2016
Spot on Does a good job with marshmallow & Nexus 6P
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