RingCentral Professional

Virtual Calling Card

Make calls with RingCentral instead of using plastic cards or PINs. Simply dial your company’s RingCentral number, log in and dial out.

Feature benefits:

Cut calling costs on the road

  • Secure a guaranteed low cost per minute long-distance or international rate from any phone.
  • Eliminate hotel calling fees.
  • Avoid double-charged calls. RingCentral won’t charge twice for the same minutes.

Enjoy RingCentral benefits on any phone

  • Use RingOut for quick and error-free dialing.
  • Review detailed call logs for tracking, billing, and expense purposes.
  • Have minutes deducted directly from your RingCentral account.


How can I use my RingCentral number as a calling card?

  • Call your RingCentral phone number to access administrator privileges, including a dial-out option.
  • You can then dial US and international numbers.

Can I use this number abroad?

  • Yes. You can dial your RingCentral number from any international destination and then dial out as you would if you were in the US.