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What is RingCentral Office ?

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business phone and fax system. It combines a hosted phone system with advanced call and fax management, reliable phone and fax service, and full-featured IP phones that arrive pre-configured and ready for use.

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“RingCentral allows me to be more prepared, to provide better customer service, and I am saving $50/mo over the last company I used.”

- Lily Gao, eBay PowerSellerHandsUp Marketing

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“Between increased functionality, user-level access, and the ability to manage the system from anywhere, we’re experiencing a 50% time savings.”

- Matt Benoit, IT Manager, TRUSTe

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  • How Businesses Benefit from Virtual Phone
  • Setting up your Virtual Phones

How Businesses Benefit from Virtual Phone

A virtual phone works by integrating multiple business communication tools into a single system, giving you a powerful phone suite at a more affordable price.

It’s no secret that the Internet is a great tool for any business, more so since virtual phones were invented. By taking advantage of Internet telephony, businesses have cut down their expenses, allowed employees to collaborate better, and provided better service to their customers.

No doubt, virtual phone systems make business communications more convenient. With it, companies are able to connect multiple phone numbers and extensions under one communication system. They also save on long distance call charges and phone maintenance while still benefiting from the most advanced phone features.

Virtual telephony interconnects all the company’s users from anywhere in the world. Extensions, voicemail messages, and fax inboxes can be accessed from any Internet-connected PC, phone, or mobile device. Communication becomes so easy that you’ll have more free time for more important tasks. With this technology, companies are able to create one virtual office, fully-functioning and always connected regardless of physical distance.

Virtual Phones for All Businesses

RingCentral, one of the leading virtual phone systems providers in the US, not only makes sure that businesses get a strong network of phones; it also provides businesses with a host of features and functions similar to or more advanced than those found in on-premise PBX systems. With this service, businesses are able to project a more professional image to their customers without having to pay obscenely high prices. No matter how big or small they are, businesses can have a reliable system capable of handling a large number of calls at any time.

When it comes to costs, a virtual phone is far more affordable than a traditional line. First, there is no need to purchase and maintain hardware and physical phone units. All you need are your PCs or internet-enabled mobile devices and a strong Internet connection, and you’re ready to go. Moreover, RingCentral pricing packages are suited to giving businesses a more affordable communication tool. All RingCentral Office packages even include unlimited outgoing calls throughout US and Canada and free round-the-clock customer service for premium subscribers.

Having this type of service also significantly reduces long distance charges. This gives small companies huge savings, enabling them to expand their operations by opening their business to markets, which would be too expensive to reach otherwise. In effect, it gives you all the benefits of the most innovative and advanced features in communications but at lower costs.

With RingCentral, businesses have access to a more sophisticated way of communicating. Subscribe today and get the best virtual phones at a very affordable price.         

Setting up your Virtual Phones

Virtual Phones are easy to set up. All you need is an Internet-enabled mobile device or computer to experience powerful telephony features.

More people are finding the virtual phone setup to be a better alternative to the office-based arrangement. This makes it easier for a lot of companies to employ an effective work-from home system that gives them the ability to keep their users connected during work hours despite the distance. With the current trend towards telecommuting, businesses need a better option than traditional phones.

This is why virtual phones are growing in popularity. Since calls are made through the Internet instead of physical phone lines, companies only need a stable Internet connection to facilitate the transfer of voice data. You can now do away with costly and complicated installations.

When you get a virtual phone number for your business, there is also a significant decrease in long distance charges compared to calls made through traditional lines. It will now be easier for you to expand your business reach and bring your products or services closer to more consumers.

A virtual phone system that is so easy to install

To set up your virtual phones, you only need to subscribe to a reliable provider like RingCentral. Once you’ve done this, you can simply follow the installation wizard. You will then be free to manage the phone features through an easy-to-use interface. From there, you can add and delete virtual extensions, set answering rules depending on your business hours, and even order new toll free or local virtual phone numbers. Once you’re done customizing the system to your liking, your company will be ready to make and receive calls. There’s no hardware to buy and no cables to install.

Even though it costs less than traditional office phones, it’s still able to pack in more features than its on-premise counterparts. When you subscribe for RingCentral, you get to set up a business phone suite that is even better than on-premise PBX systems that large companies use. It handles calls better with features like auto-attendant, call-forwarding, call-conferencing, and virtual voicemail. It also integrates Internet faxing into the service, so you can dispose of your bulky fax machines and take a step towards going paperless.

This system also allows you to be more mobile. Through Softphone, you and your users can access your virtual extensions and continue staying in touch with the company by using your laptop or PC. Desk phones are not a requirement, although you can have them too. You and your employees can also enjoy your virtual phone through free mobile applications for iPhone and Android phones. These apps allow you to take calls using your business number, check Internet fax and voice messages, and access call logs in your mobile device.

With RingCentral, you can set up an effective and mobile office communication system that is complete with a set of advanced features to help your business. Get your virtual phones from RingCentral today!