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What a virtual office phone system can do for a one-man team

How does a virtual office phone system work, and will it work for a solo team?

Can you use an office phone system if you are running a business on your own? If you own a business, you probably have your hands full, more so if you are running it by yourself. You might also have all the communication gadgets popular today – a smart phone, a landline, an Internet-connected laptop, a home phone, and an additional WiFi-enabled gadget.

All these things can either help you or cause you more problems. To be sure, streamline your business communications by getting a virtual office phone system. It is simpler than you think it is. So simple in fact that even a one-man team can maximize it to interact with customers and business contacts.

A virtual office phone system connects all your existing phone numbers to a single main number. This way, you only have to use a single number for all your business calls. How does it work? The virtual phone service provider hosts virtual offices in the cloud or virtually, so that you can use your business phone out of the office. So when callers dial your virtual phone number, you can receive the call in any or all of your existing phone numbers.

RingCentral provides small businesses and even mobile professionals with the most advanced virtual offices, enabling them to have a more unified business communications. When you subscribe, you can select your toll free or local number. You will then be given access to an online dashboard where you can set how calls are routed. So when you are out of the office, your customers can still reach you through your business number.

This technology allows you to keep your other phone numbers personal. And aside from this added privacy, it also helps you organize your business communications better. Each business call is reflected in your online call log, allowing you to monitor your calls and contacts. Moreover, you would not have to use your personal money to pay for business calls that were made through your personal numbers. A virtual phone system allows you to dial out from any phone using your business number, so that it is charged to your business phone subscription.

Start having a more streamlined and organized phone system by subscribing to RingCentral, the most advanced virtual office phone system provider today!

Office phone systems: The secret of top rated businesses

Reach the top with the help of virtual office phone systems.

Although different businesses have different strategies, they all have one thing in common: reliable office phone systems. For without a strong communication backbone, all business strategies and processes would be futile. So whether you have been running a business for a while or are considering putting one up, one thing stands: you cannot go wrong with office phone systems.

But what kind of office phone service would work for your business? As mentioned above, each business differs from the other. With your business DNA, there should be a matching communications suite which would cater well to your needs and preferences.

For instance, you may be a one-man team who goes to different places, meeting clients and closing deals. On the other hand, you may have a business housed in a large office space whose employees constantly interact with one another and with customers. Both business models can work well, but will most likely fail if they are without a reliable phone system.

What is it in virtual office phone systems that make businesses perform better? Service providers such as RingCentral have designed products to cater to various business sizes and setups, from the one-man team to the large corporation. With flexible packages at affordable costs, you can easily get the plan that would work for your company, and upgrade it as your business grows.

With unparalleled features of a virtual office phone system, RingCentral lets you easily achieve an intelligent business communications. For instance, you can have your company greetings professionally recorded for you. You can also use music and messages on hold, as well as custom voicemail greetings to complete the professional feel. This way, when callers dial your number, they can have a good first impression of your business.

Moreover, call management is easy. By simply logging on to your online account or by using the RIngCentral Softphone, you can configure how your phone system will answer calls, where they will be routed, and how the system will answer them. When it comes to office phone systems, RingCentral is the ideal choice.

Subscribe to RingCentral today and experience its unmatched capabilities!

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